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Wagon Landing Tree Farm

Wagon Landing Tree Farm is located just north of Star Prairie, Wisconsin and nestled in the western hills of Wisconsin near the Apple River. It is one of the highest points in Polk County and has a beautiful view of the St. Croix Valley.

The tree farm is named for the historical community of Wagon Landing of the mid 19th century. Lumbermen would bring their supplies to a nearby point on the Apple River and transfer them to their boats and pole them up river to their destination-Wagon Landing!

Wagon Landing Tree Farm welcomes you and your family to enjoy the beauty and cut your own Christmas tree for the holidays. 

Choose & Cut Christmas Tree Farm:

What trees do we have?


Fraser Fir, Balsam, Caanan Fir



Have your tree bailed for easy transport!

How tall are our trees?  Available trees are 6.5 - 9 feet tall

What forms of payment do you accept?  Cash and checks only. No credit cards. ​

Your whole family will enjoy a visit to Wagon Landing!